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March 2016

Nice opens Green Week 2016!


Nice opens Green Week 2016!

On Tuesday 1st March TheNicePlace turned green for the launch of Green Week 2016, a wide discussion forum on green economy issues that took place from 1st to 6th March throughout the Italian North East. On the launch of the initiative, Nice opened the tour of “The Factories of Sustainability”, a 3-day journey organized in order to discover the most innovative companies in the region, real examples of excellence in different fields: from energy to logistics, from architecture to agribusiness, from design to automation.

More than 120 students coming from all over Italy crowded TheNicePlace to share an afternoon rich of ideas, suggestions and discussions on the theme of social and environmental sustainability. Supported by architect Carlo Dal Bo’s and landscape architect Anna Costa’s interventions, Nice described how the Nice Headquarters and the Nice Garden were born: two projects that are founded on Nice’s philosophy, which put people center stage, where harmony and individual wellbeing are a necessity, and which preserve the ties with our land fitting into the surrounding landscape with respect.

Once again, TheNicePlace was the heart of an important experience, the perfect context for exchanges and collaboration, development of connections and communities, an opportunity to grow.