The Nice environment, gentle footprint

For Nice, there are two pillars to respect for the environment: decreasing the direct impact of its production and commercial activities and creating devices that minimise the environmental impacts of the buildings in which they are installed.

Reference Sustainable Development Goals:

Reference Sustainable Development Goals

Areas of action

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a pivotal aspect of our sustainable development process. Since 2021, aligning with the UN's Climate Action goal, we have been actively mapping greenhouse gas emissions to identify the most effective strategies for minimizing emissions across our entire value chain, with a particular focus on energy management and the use of resources.

Climate Action

The organization's carbon footprint has enabled us to assess our impact and establish a clear trajectory for reducing both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions generated by the group's corporate and associated activities.

Recognizing the impact, we have established science-based reduction targets starting in 2022, drawing inspiration from the SBTi guidelines. These targets encompass both Scope 1 and 2 emissions, which constitute just 1% of Nice's total emissions but are areas where we exert the greatest influence, as well as Scope 3 emissions, accounting for the remaining 99%. Our objective is to reduce our direct emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Wise Energy Management

Our contribution to combating the climate emergency is not limited to reducing our direct impacts but rather involves becoming enablers. Smart home solutions and ecosystems can be pivotal for the management and efficiency of energy consumption for residential and commercial solutions. Interconnected devices work together to achieve the common goal of providing complete smart home solutions while optimizing energy consumption. Nice Smart Home solutions allow individuals to optimize energy usage, understand their consumption patterns, set alert thresholds, establish energy-saving routines and improve the living experience thanks to an ecosystem of intuitive automation.

A sustainable future

Smart Lighting Control with BiDi Dimmer

You can program the lights to turn on and off based on the time of day or human presence. For example, the lights will automatically turn off when there is no one in a room and turn on when they detect motion.


Heating and Cooling System Management with Clima-control

The system can automatically adjust the temperature inside your home according to your preferences and external conditions. For instance, it can lower the temperature when you leave home and raise it just before your return, optimizing energy usage.

Nice App

Energy Consumption Monitoring with Yubii Home App

You can track your home's energy consumption in real-time and receive notifications about devices that are using too much energy. This allows you to identify waste and make improvements.


Integration with Solar Panels with Energy Panel on Yubii Home App

If you have a photovoltaic system, the Nice Smart Home system can monitor solar energy production and adjust household devices to use solar energy when available, reducing dependence on the electrical grid.

Circular Economy

Nice supports circular economy through various initiatives, including product design focused on recyclability, internal waste collection and recycling, collaboration with recyclable material suppliers, utilization of recyclable materials in production, supply chain optimization to minimize waste, and active stakeholder education and awareness efforts.
In 2022 the amount of waste recovered is equal to 84,3%. A further goal for 2025 is to keep the percentage of recyclable waste near 99%, while reducing its overall quantity.


The Nice journey to sustainability