Nice people: a perfect balance

We believe that 'True freedom is an open world' and we want to help people feel safe and experience an open world thanks to our solutions that enable communication and interconnection between living spaces and the environment, embracing and leveraging differences.

Reference Sustainable Development Goals

Areas of action

Although we count on 3,000 employees, we believe in an approach to work on a human scale that also takes account of the wellbeing of our people, combining stable employment with the promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle, ensuring a safe environment.

Responsible Supply Chain

We aim to establish enduring and cooperative relations with our suppliers in order to create lasting, collaborative partnerships with them, as they play an essential and engaged role in our operations and our value chain.

Wellbeing and inclusion

We firmly believe that engaged and empowered employees are the driving force behind our sustainability efforts. Therefore, we have initiated a series of activities aimed at improving team dynamics and promoting a collaborative culture. Additionally, our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains a top priority as we work towards creating a workplace where everyone can fully express their potential and identity. Our dedication to social sustainability revolves around valuing and developing all Nice People.

Health and safe workplace

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental priority that safeguards the well-being and rights of all employees. We provide access to appropriate organizational, equipment, and financial resources. The safety of our employees is of utmost importance to Nice, as evidenced by a 45% reduction in accidents compared to 2021. Furthermore, we have implemented a comprehensive workplace health and safety system that covers all workers in our manufacturing companies and addresses all relevant tasks.


The Nice journey to sustainability