The Nice products, green design

Through our offerings, we have deployed millions of products worldwide, enhancing homes with increased accessibility, safety, comfort, and connectivity. Our ongoing efforts to enhance the sustainability of these solutions are making a significant impact. A substantial portion of our product portfolio is designed to reduce energy consumption in the buildings where they are installed, and we prioritize environmental considerations throughout the product design process.

Reference Sustainable Development Goals:

Reference Sustainable Development Goals

Areas of action


We prioritize sustainability from the very beginning of our design process. Our objective is to continuously address the challenge of creating environmentally friendly solutions through technological innovation, investments in eco-design, and the use of sustainable materials. Since 2018, we have been conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) on our products, providing valuable insights into their indirect environmental impacts. In 2022, we reinforced our 'Nice Green Innovation' approach, which focuses on more sustainable eco-design. We've established guidelines for product definition and design that include:

  • Reducing energy consumption during both usage and standby phases
  • Increasing the number of solutions powered by solar panels
  • Using recycled plastic for product materials
  • Utilizing 100% recycled paper and cardboard for product packaging, along with natural ink for printing, and reducing plastic elements in favor of eco-friendly alternatives
  • Extending the useful life of products through the availability of spare parts and easy maintenance
  • Providing Environmental Product Declarations

Product certification

Our commitment to continually enhance product and process sustainability focuses on quality and safety, with a particular emphasis on product design. All our products must adhere to the legal standards and requirements of the countries in which they are sold, in addition to meeting the expectations of our customers and end users. To implement our sustainability strategy, which is aimed at improving our environmental performance, it is essential to consider product sustainability across the entire supply chain. Since 2019, we have successfully obtained Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and in 2022, our company headquarters also achieved EPD Process Certification. Analyzing the life cycles of our products and certifying their environmental impacts is a pivotal step in our commitment to developing Nice products with a strong focus on environmental consciousness.

Sustainable Innovation

In our continuous pursuit of technological advancement in both our products and production processes, we allocate a portion of the generated value towards research and development. This reinvestment enables us to enhance the technical aspects, functionality and safety of our solutions. By prioritising innovation, we strive to continually improve and optimise our offerings to better meet the needs and expectations of our customers and our planet.


The Nice journey to sustainability