Control systems

I need assistance with my Nice transmitter. Who can I contact?


If you need technical service and support, you can contact your trusted installer.
Alternatively, you can send us a request via the form available on this page and you will be contacted quickly by our Customer Care.

Who program the remote control? Can I do it myself?


The programming of the remote control is done by the professional installer according to your needs. The installer will provide you with the instruction booklet and inform you about the correct way to change the configuration of the remote control in case you need it.

I would like to program the opening and closing of my home automations. How can I do this?


To program the opening and closing of your home automation, contact your trusted installer who, after an inspection, will know how to set the programming to suit your needs.

Can I pair my remote control with the Nice smart home?


With the simple integration of a device that connects to your smartphone, you can control your automation conveniently from the app, managing them with a tap or your voice, managing them with a tap or your voice.