The art of courage: a thrilling experience in TheNicePlace

20 October 2015


Over the past two weeks, TheNicePlace hosted a series of exciting events, all centered on a very special activity: the “Art of Courage” training course, developed in cooperation with ISTUD and Gregorio Di Leo, psychologist and 5 times kickboxing world champion.

The initiative was expressly organized on the one hand for NiceClub Italy professional installers, who gathered at TheNicePlace together with Nice Area Managers as part of their yearly training program, and on the other hand for Nice technical support international team, coming from our subsidiaries around the world for a specific technical workshop. For both groups, the initiative was a great opportunity to discover TheNicePlace, to strengthen the team’s cooperation, share experiences and enjoy all together the Nice life

During a full day rich of inspirations, exchanges and exciting moments, the kickboxing was the experience leading participants to reflect upon themselves, experience the unknown and analyze their mental models emerging under pressure. Equipped with personalized t-shirts and boxing gloves, the participants confronted each other on a real ring installed at TheNicePlace, and then analyzed and shared their feelings and their thoughts, guided by Gregorio Di Leo.

A real active laboratory, this course was specifically developed in order to invest in Nice Club installers’ and on Nice technical support team's professional and personal growth, starting from the analysis of their own concrete difficulties and fears. Focused on self-empowerment, the activity aimed at helping participants to boost their ability to make hard choices, learn how to step out of their comfort zone and discover their fighting spirit in life and business.

The initiative is part of a constant investment on Nice Club installers’ and on Nice technical support team’s education and evolution that, going far beyond the simple product training, represents a key element of Nice’s new strategic approach.

Here’s the thank you video message sent to all participants to “The Art of Courage” activity (in Italian): 

Here’s the exclusive video-invitation to “The Art of Courage” activity:

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