Enhancing restful nights: how to achieve better sleep thanks to Nice Smart Home

6 March 2024

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Ahead of World Sleep Day on March 15th, Nice is committed to raising awareness about the value of quality sleep, providing innovative solutions to improve Italians’ daily habits.

According to the latest surveys by the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine (AIMS)1, about 13.4 million Italians suffer from insomnia. However, 46% of them do not take any initiative to address the problem. This figure highlights the importance of providing practical tools and advice to improve the quality of one’s rest.

"Home Management solutions enable the automation of evening routines, such as adjusting shutters and switching off lights, simplifying daily activities and significantly reducing stress and promoting relaxation. With advanced connectivity and customizable scenarios accessible through intuitive interfaces such as voice control and the brand-new Yubii Home app, users can tailor their smart devices to optimize their evening hours, helping to reduce feelings of tiredness when waking up and improve overall well-being" - says Giuliano Zandonà, Product Manager at Nice.

Through the Yubii Home device, Nice empowers users to connect smart sensors and personalize scenarios according to their needs and routines, directly from their smartphone via app or voice control. Scenarios, such as the 'goodnight' setting, can be effortlessly activated with one or more clicks from the Nice Push-Control2 button, conveniently placed on the bedside table.

Nice Push-Control

Nice’s tips for “smart” sleep

Creating an environment that promotes relaxation is essential for completely de-stressing and getting a good night's sleep. Bedrooms should be dark and free from distractions, such as mirrors or electronic devices, which can disrupt the tranquility needed for quality sleep. From automated lights, which can be set according to the body’s natural rhythm, to intelligent audio systems and automated blinds, Nice offers a wide range of devices to transform bedrooms into smart, soothing environments designed to create the ideal scenarios to increase relaxation and comfort at the end of the day.

1. Smart lighting control

In today’s world, stressing the eyes with intensive light stimuli is a very common occurrence; everyone is heavily exposed to artificial light sources, even inside the home. This phenomenon interferes with the body's natural circadian rhythm, reducing the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep, and compromising the ability to fall asleep and rest. Nice’s smart lighting control solutions, combined with customized scenarios, mimic the natural progression of daylight, helping to mitigate this effect and promote restful sleep.

Are children afraid of the dark? Parents can set the light in their room with a Dimmer-Control module, so that it gradually dims, guiding them towards a peaceful sleep.

Additionally, the SingleSwitch-Control module allows users to switch-off all lights, both indoors and outdoors, except for the courtesy lights, which turn on only when the Motion-Control sensor detects the movement of someone getting up in the middle of the night.

2. Creating the perfect atmosphere with the “relax” scenario

To induce relaxation and prepare the body for sleep, experts recommend warmer and softer lighting.  This type of lighting creates a quieter and more welcoming atmosphere, helping to calm the mind, while reducing stress.

Setting a “Relax” scenario with Nice solutions is very easy. By integrating the BiDi-Shutter, RGBW-Control, and Plug-Control, users can adjust the blinds and customize the music and lighting to their preferred intensity and colors. This personalized setting helps elevate melatonin levels in the blood, promoting relaxation and facilitating better sleep.


3. Managing room temperature and humidity levels is essential for restorative sleep

To foster deep and restorative sleep during the night, the body tends to lower its internal temperature. A smart home system, enriched by solutions such as the Nice Heat-Control3 thermovalve, combined with the Nice Temp-Control sensor, helps regulate temperatures between 18-20°C. It is at this temperature, in fact, that the body cools down slightly during the night and indulges in deep sleep. When bedtime approaches, smart thermostats such as Warm-Control, by managing the opening and closing of the water heating valve, can adjust the valve's operation according to your preferred time of day and temperature, creating the ideal climate to promote restful sleep in any season.

Nice Heat-Control

In the warm months, falling asleep can be difficult due to high temperatures. This is where Clima-Control proves to be invaluable and helpful, facilitating the regulation of air conditioners or fans. Its intuitive display allows users to monitor the temperature in each room and easily adjust it with handy control buttons.

Moreover, the same smart thermostat helps maintain optimal humidity levels, improving sleeping comfort. With its integrated humidity sensor, users can monitor the humidity of the air and ensure that it does not become too dry nor too humid, avoiding discomfort and sleep disturbance. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be seamlessly controlled directly through Clima-Control, using its dedicated dehumidification functions for precise humidity regulation.


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[1]  Associazione Italiana Medicina del Sonno (AIMS), URL: https://sonnomed.it/  (27/02/2024)
[2] Nice Push-Control allows the activation of up to six selected scenarios. Small and wireless, the Push-Control is easy to place in any location and on any kind of surface. Scenarios can be activated with short 1 to 5 times) or long press on the button. Available in 3 colors.
[3] The temperature sensor allows for automatic adjustment of the heat level based on the individual preferences of the user. The algorithms used by the thermostatic valve and the regulation of operating time bands enable real energy savings. Special adapters provided allow the device to be mounted on 98% of radiators available on the market. To optimize temperature regulation at home, it's possible to place the additional sensor, Nice Temp-Control, at a distance from the thermostatic valve.

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