Nice brings the excitement of sports events into your home

10 June 2024


The summer of 2024 will be packed with international sports events to experience live, and Nice makes the home the ideal place to enjoy matches and important competitions. As athletes prepare to push their limits, Nice brings the excitement of these competitions directly into your living room, without compromising comfort and ease of use. 

With cutting-edge technologies like Yubii Home Pro, an advanced gateway for intelligent management of all smart devices in the house, you can create customized scenarios for each sports event. Watching major matches from home will feel like sitting in the front row at the stadium. 

Nice solutions for the perfect viewing experience 

When preparing your home for match screenings, consider that ideal viewing naturally requires proper lighting. To manage natural light effectively, especially during the extended summer evenings, Nice offers automation solutions for awnings and sun shading to ensure visual comfort:

  • The Nice Era Inn Edge BD tubular motor for indoor blinds automatically lowers the projection screen, once connected to the gateway
  • Simultaneously, the automated blackout blind, powered by the Nice Era Inn Edge Li-ion tubular motor, closes to provide optimal visibility, regardless of the time of day 
  • With the bidirectional Nice BiDi-Shutter interface, you can also make a traditional motorized blind smart and easily control it via the new Yubii Home App, ensuring you don’t miss a second of the action
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Total comfort and control 

With the Clima-Control smart thermostat and the bidirectional BiDi-Dimmer interface, temperature and lighting will always be impeccable, providing total comfort and a truly immersive experience during events, without distractions from managing climate control. 

By adding RGBW-Control, a universal module installed at the switch for chromatic control of lights, you can create unique atmospheres with colored lights and LED strips, celebrating every victory and athlete’s record in style. 

Advanced connectivity and integration 

The customization possibilities for the sports experience at home are even broader: the Nice Smart Home system offers unprecedented connectivity and compatibility with third-party devices. This allows you to integrate and manage entertainment both inside and outside the house, amplifying the magic of the playing field. 

The Nice Smart Home ecosystem can transform your home into an extremely comfortable “grandstand,” where you can experience the emotions of sports and share happy moments with family and friends.  


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