Prepare your home for sunny days with Nice Smart Home devices

16 May 2024


Thanks to the innovative home automation systems by Nice, it's possible to automatically control a wide range of awnings, blinds, and shutters based on external conditions such as sunlight intensity, temperature, or time of day. With the seamlessly integrated Nice Smart Home ecosystem, controlled by the Yubii Home gateway, users can enjoy tailor-made automation perfectly suited for their living space. Whether you reside in a cozy apartment or a spacious home, Nice’s solutions cater to your needs, ensuring comfort and efficiency. Alternatively, the multifunctional Yubii Home Pro gateway allows simultaneous control of over 200 devices, ideal for larger living spaces.  

Experience the convenience of programming time schedules for sunshades to automatically adjust, optimizing natural lighting and enhancing your quality of life. Explore our range of smart blinds and shades designed to harmonize with your lifestyle, effortlessly controlled through the intuitive Nice Smart Home system. Elevate your home environment with our Nice Next range, offering quiet and efficient solutions for managing natural light with ease. With Nice, enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and energy savings, making your home truly smart and practical. 

Maximize Natural Lighting with an Optimized Smart Home Ecosystem 

Users can program time schedules for sunshades to automatically lower or raise at specific times of the day. This is beneficial for both privacy protection and regulating the amount of sunlight entering the home. With the Nice Smart Home system, we can maximize the potential of natural lighting in our homes, contributing to improved quality of life and overall well-being of occupants. 

Consider installing smart blinds and shades that can be easily controlled through the Nice Smart Home system. The Next range, including tube motors designed for sunshades and awnings - Next Star and Next Fit, equipped with the SH head, can serve as the foundation for optimal management of natural light through automation of external blinds, shades, and awnings. These easy-to-install, quiet, and efficient solutions, thanks to the integrated bidirectional Nice BiDi communication protocol, are compatible with all Nice Smart Home hubs. The Next series, combined with sunshades, helps reduce interior heating in summer, enabling energy consumption optimization. If the user already has electric blinds in their home, simply utilize the Roll-Control 2 retrofit module, which, when combined with the hub, allows for the creation of appropriate automations.

Nice Sun Shading Solutions

BiDi Integration for an Innovative Home Automation System 

Nice also offers devices for integrating mechanical roller shutter motors with a smart home system, such as BiDi-Shutter - a controller for awnings, blinds, and shutters, and BiDi-Awning - an interface for external awnings. This allows individual, grouped, or scenario-based control of the motors. 

The Nice BiDi-Awning effortlessly protects indoor environments from heat and direct sunlight, providing greater comfort and utility savings, e.g., on air conditioning. With simple adjustments, two intermediate positions can be set for partial opening of the awning, and the awning's movement can be programmed based on thresholds detected by a climate sensor. During sunny summer days, the interface monitors external conditions and manages the awning, automatically opening it to the desired threshold, ensuring protection from the hot sun and reducing air conditioning usage. 

Enhance Everyday Safety with Nice Domì Climatic Sensors for Your Automations 

Smart home devices can also be integrated with various sensors such as light, temperature, or even climate sensors such as the Nice Domì series, available in three versions: wind-sun, wind-sun-rain, and wireless wind-sun sensor. The solar-powered, bidirectional Domì Wind-Sun sensor ensures optimal and safe automation management, while the Domì Wind-Sun and Domì Wind-Sun-Rain models are powered by electricity from the grid. One of the functions of the Domì sensors is the ability to program the opening and closing of awnings even when you're away from home. The awning opens and closes automatically depending on weather conditions, preventing damage, especially in strong winds. Like other Nice products, the Domì series can be integrated with the Nice Smart Home system, turning the sensors into a weather station providing information on wind speed, light intensity, and rainfall. Through the Yubii Home app, users can view and manage climate sensors, creating personalized scenarios for maximum comfort. 

Nice Sun Shading Solutions

Convenience and Energy Savings in Your Hands 

All devices connected to the smart home hub can be managed using the Yubii Home app, allowing control of sunshades from anywhere in the world. This is useful for adjusting shade settings while away from home, for example, to simulate presence or protect interiors from sunlight during vacations. 

Thanks to the features described above, Nice devices can provide convenience and energy savings while enabling smarter management of sunshades. Nice Smart Home offers an intelligent way to simplify daily tasks, ensuring your home is comfortable and practical. 


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