Spring Cleaning Made Easy with Nice Smart Home Solutions

5 April 2024


Spring cleaning is a crucial time to refresh your home and prepare it for the new season. However, it can become a daunting and stressful task. Thankfully, smart home technology offers innovative solutions to simplify this process. A smart home system like Nice can transform household cleaning, making it efficient and stress-free by connecting, integrating, and programming various smart devices.

If your home isn't already smart, the first step is to equip yourself with the gateway Yubii Home Pro, the heart of the Nice Smart Home. With it, you can quickly connect sensors and smart devices, including appliances, without the need for any structural changes. Manage them easily via smartphone or voice control through the intuitive Yubii Home app.

Robot Vacuum and Floor Cleaners: Automated and Customized Cleaning

One key device to optimize spring cleaning is the smart robot vacuum or floor cleaner. With automated scheduling, you can set your robot to clean at specific times and days, ensuring a consistently clean and tidy home, even when you're away. Integration with the Nice Motion-Control sensor ensures efficient cleaning, avoiding interference with human or pet presence.

With the Yubii Home app, you can monitor the cleaning status in real-time, adjust the robot's schedule, and start or stop cleaning sessions directly from your smartphone. This feature allows you to manage spring cleaning even when you're not at home, ensuring a spotless home upon your return.

Integration with smart devices: a comprehensive ecosystem for your home

Nice Smart Home ecosystem goes beyond cleaning, offering integrations with other smart devices like lighting, thermostats, and air purifiers. This allows coordinated home management, improving air quality, regulating ventilation, and optimizing energy efficiency.

Integrating the Yubii Home Pro gateway with the Nice Clima-Control smart thermostat or air quality sensors helps maintain a healthy environment post-cleaning, for instance, by activating room diffusers or air purifiers, ensuring fresh and clean air every day.

Nice Smart Home ecosystem includes climate sensors Domì and magnetic sensors for doors and windows Door/Window-Control, enhancing home security and comfort. In case of weather changes or adverse atmospheric conditions, the system can automatically close shutters or blinds and alert you about open doors or windows.


Energy and environmental savings with Nice Plug-Control and Energy Panel

Connecting appliances like washing machines and dryers to the Nice Smart Home system allows you to monitor and optimize energy consumption. Simply connect the Yubii Home Pro gateway to a Plug-Control device, a universal adapter for electrical devices applicable to any home outlet, which measures the power and energy consumed by appliances. Nice's Energy Panel monitors real-time energy consumption and identifies the most cost-effective time slots for scheduling washes, reducing environmental impact, lowering bills, and promoting a sustainable approach to household cleaning.

Nice's smart home system streamlines processes, reduces stress, and helps maintain a clean and comfortable home, making spring cleaning a pleasant and efficient experience!

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