Spy Hi-Speed: faster garage doors

6 May 2020


The Nice Hi-Speed series of automation systems is even wider with Spy Hi-Speed, the practical and smart high-speed solution for sectional and up-and-over doors.

With a maximum speed up to 240 mm/s, Spy Hi-Speed is among the fastest garage door operators on the market, making waiting times in front of the automation 60% shorter than with traditional automations. A unique version, with 650 N pulling force, suitable for doors up to 11.5 m2. Spy Hi-Speed is compatible with the new Nice BiDirectional radio protocol: the OXIBD bidirectional receiver and ON3EBD bidirectional transmitter are included in the Spy Hi-Speed kit. Moreover, with Spy Hi-Speed you can enter and leave the garage in maximum safety: the obstacle detection function immediately reverses movement of the motor if the garage door comes into contact with an obstacle, and the ON/OFF release system enables the motor to be released or blocked in any position along the rail with just one simple gesture.

And Spylight makes Spy operators even brighter: the plug-and-play accessory for the Spy family includes 2 bright LEDs meant to easily be used in place of the bulb or neon traditional garage lights. The completely wireless module can be installed directly into the Spyrail, with no electrical wiring needed, and can be controlled independently from the garage door operator motion. With the push buttons on the Spybox or the radio transmitters, it can be switched on and off whenever it is needed. Spylight increases of about 5 times the brightness of the standard courtesy lights, enough to light up the whole garage room.

The Nice Hi-Speed offer for gates and garage doors automation is now the widest on the market, including both systems for sliding gates and swinging gates applications as well as for sectional or up-and-over garage doors.


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