Transform your smart home into an experience of comfort, creativity and inclusiveness with voice commands

16 April 2024


Imagine walking into your home and being able to manage every detail effortlessly, simply using your voice thanks to the built-in voice commands.

How voice control works 

Voice control in smart homes is based on voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence. Most common devices equipped with voice assistants are able to understand voice commands, interpret them and perform corresponding actions. Whether it's adjusting the lighting, setting the thermostat, playing music or even ordering groceries, a simple voice command is enough to set things in motion.  

In addition, all of these smart home management devices can be paired with Nice's Yubii Home hub, with which you can create customized scenarios based on your needs and pair both Nice smart sensors and third-party devices

Manage lights, electric shutters, garage doors or automated gates, all with your voice. Voice control is changing the way we live and interact with technology. It is a step toward a more inclusive and comfortable home, where your voice becomes the primary command to make your daily life easier and smarter.  


What are the benefits of voice control?

  1. Instant convenience: Voice control provides an effortless experience. No more searching for remotes or scrolling through apps on your smartphone. Just speak a command, and your voice assistant will respond instantly.  
  2. Support for all people: It can be a valuable aid for dynamic young adults, career professionals, and busy families who use smart home voice control to manage every aspect of their home quickly and easily, from temperature to light, without wasting valuable time. But it's not just them who benefit! The elderly and those with special needs discover a new sense of freedom and independence thanks to this accessible technology. 
  3. Universal accessibility: Voice control is an ideal option for people with motor or visual impairments. It requires no specific physical movements and allows everyone to interact with the devices naturally.  
  4. Smart personalization: Voice assistants can learn your preferences and habits. For example, a simple "Good morning" can trigger a series of personalized actions, such as raising the blinds, adjusting the temperature, and starting your favorite music.  
  5. Energy Efficiency: Voice control allows you to optimize energy use. You can turn off lights, adjust the thermostat, and manage appliances with one command, reducing waste. 
  6. Built-in security: Monitoring and protecting your home is easier with voice control. You can lock doors, trigger alarms, and control security cameras with ease.  
  7. Continuous experience: Voice control creates a continuous flow between your daily activities. From making coffee to bedtime, you can manage everything with your voice. 

The future of voice control in smart homes 

As voice recognition technology advances, the future of voice control is shaping up to be full of opportunities and innovations. This technology is transforming the way we interact with our smart homes, making them more personalized, accessible and convenient.  

Here's how voice control is redefining the future of smart homes:  

  • Integration with a wide range of devices: Voice control will extend to a wide range of devices, from thermostats to lights, from security devices to smart outlets. This will enable users to manage their homes more efficiently and intuitively. 
  • Advanced language support: Voice control systems will become increasingly proficient in interpreting different languages and dialects. This will ensure a uniform experience for users around the world.  
  • Contextual understanding: Future voice assistants will be able to understand the context of conversations and respond more accurately. For example, they will be able to distinguish between commands to turn on the light in the kitchen or in the living room. 
  • Customizing routines: Voice assistants will adapt to users' habits and preferences. They will be able to create personalized routines, such as waking up with a favorite playlist or setting the ideal temperature before returning home.
  • Energy efficiency: Voice control will allow users to optimize energy use in the home. For example, users will be able to turn off lights or adjust the thermostat simply by speaking a command.  

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