Transforming Your Pool Edge into a Tech-savvy Smart Oasis with Nice’s Innovative Solutions

4 June 2024


Imagine lounging by the pool, the sun’s warmth enveloping you, and the water invitingly cool. But what if this poolside oasis could be more? What if it became a personalized haven, seamlessly blending technology and comfort? Nice has made this vision a reality. With their intelligent solutions, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your lifestyle—a place where memories are made, laughter echoes, and relaxation knows no bounds. Dive in and let Nice redefine your pool experience! 

Seamless Connectivity and Secure Access

Yubii Home provides seamless connectivity, allowing owners to control lighting, gates, garage doors, sunshades, and even smart pool covers remotely via a single app. Whether protecting the pool by closing the cover or enjoying the sun by leaving it open, all it takes is a simple touch on your smartphone. The automated smart gate with the Nice Robus motor ensures convenient and secure guest access, controllable via the app or voice assistant. 

Stylish Poolside Experience

Immerse yourself in relaxation with waterproof speakers installed around the pool perimeter. These speakers integrate with the Nice Smart Home ecosystem, creating an outdoor stage where you can share your favorite tunes with friends and family. 

Manage pool lighting in style using Nice smart sensors like BiDi-Dimmer and RGBW-Control. Customize intensity, color, and even sync it with your preferred playlist. Whether it’s a sunny day or a starry night, the pool becomes the center of entertainment. 


Efficiency and Cleanliness 

Reduce waste in your small above-ground pool by using Yubii Home and the Plug-Control smart socket to schedule filtration times. Keep the water clean and ready for a refreshing swim. 

Safety and Peace of Mind  

Smart security cameras, such as Nice IP Cameras, combined with intelligent lighting, allow monitoring of the pool area even when you’re away. 

Motion-Control sensors connected to Yubii Home send push notifications to your smartphone when people (e.g., children) are detected near the pool perimeter. The camera activates for timely intervention. 

The Yubii Home App lets you control lights directly from your phone, ensuring safe access even at night. 


Sunshades: The Secret to a Perfect Bathing Experience 

To fully enjoy outdoor life by the pool and in the solarium, comfort and sun protection are essential. Imagine immersing yourself in cool water, surrounded by the golden sunlight, while sunshades gently envelop you. By effectively filtering harmful ultraviolet rays, they shield you from the risks of excessive sun exposure, allowing relaxation without worry. But that’s not all: sunshades offer additional benefits. They reduce heat and maintain a pleasant air temperature, even on the hottest days. And let’s not forget the stylish touch they add to your pool area. Even if the exterior shade isn’t smart, you can make it intelligent and remotely controllable using bidirectional BiDi-Awning interfaces. 


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