Unveiling the myths of home automation

23 April 2024


As the world of home automation rapidly advances, it remains a novelty for many, often leading to consumers’ doubts. Nice, as global leader in home management solutions, clarifies the many myths about smart homes through its insights, enabling users to discard misconceptions and fully leverage technology for a convenient, safe, and efficient daily life.

1 - Myth: home automation is a very expensive technology    

Home automation is often perceived as an expensive technology, but this is a common misconception. While setting up a Smart Home involves an initial investment in systems, modules, and sensors, there are cost-effective options available, such as the purchase of products in kits tailored to specific needs like security or personalized lighting.

Moreover, installation doesn’t need to happen all at once. End-users can start gradually, for instance with the living room and then, by installing a multifunctional gateway such as Nice’s Yubii Home Pro and a few smart sensors, they can add other rooms and devices.

Yubii Home Pro optimizes efficiency and economy by intelligently managing heating, security, lighting, and electrical loads, making it possible to reduce consumption and energy bills. Additionally, Nice Smart-Control, turns conventional appliances into smart ones, allowing easy programming for users, while Nice Plug Control can measure the energy consumption of electrical devices, immediately visible through the coloured LED ring, and allows for remote control. 

2 - Myth: home automation requires home renovation   

Contrary to popular belief, home automation does not need a house renovation or construction project. Modern devices, such as those from Nice, are entirely wireless, allowing for installation at any time and in an intuitive way. The key ally in this endeavor is the evolved gateway designed by Nice: Yubii Home Pro.

Yubii Home Pro serves as the heart of a smart home, offering wireless capabilities suitable for any residence. Whether you’re starting with a single room or expanding to the entire home, Yubii Home Pro provides simultaneous control over 200 devices, enabling tailor-made scenarios that are potentially limitless. 

For immediate use, Nice offers a range of products, which can be seamlessly configured through the Yubii Home App. Among these are: 

  • Nice On/Off-Control: to manage various loads with on/off behavior, whether it's lighting circuits or sockets 
  • Dimmer-Control: to adjust light intensity based on pre-configured scenarios
  • Motion-Control: to autonomously detect movement, room temperature, and brightness levels, ensuring seamless integration into your environment

By integrating the gateway, app, and smart modules, users will enjoy an intuitive experience with the devices. Whether during installation or day-by-day use, the smart home ecosystem simplifies your life. It is now time to say goodbye to time-consuming searches for information or configuration of favorite settings, even when managing them remotely via the app.

Smart Home

3 - Myth: you need devices from the same brand   

It’s a widespread belief that smart devices must all be from the same manufacturer to work together. However, systems like Yubii Home Pro shatter this myth by offering compatibility with over 3,000 devices across different brands, utilizing WiFi, Z-Wave, and ZigBee protocols. This interoperability simplifies home management and allows for a diverse and flexible smart home ecosystem. 

4 - Myth: voice assistants eliminate the need for other home automation tools

While the most common voice assistants available are useful, they represent only a fraction of a comprehensive home automation system’s capabilities. Integrating these assistants with a central automation hub, such as Yubii Home Pro, can significantly enhance their functionality. This integration enables a more extensive range of actions, such as controlling blinds, adjusting lighting, and converting traditional appliances into smart devices, all through simple voice commands.  
By connecting devices to a central gateway like Yubii Home Pro, along with its comprehensive modules and sensors, users can harness the full potential of their smart home systems. This integration facilitates a myriad of scenarios that elevate the user experience beyond simple commands.

Yubii Home Pro

5 - Myth: A home automation system needs constant internet access 

If the WiFi connection falters, the same does not necessarily have to happen to the smart home experience. The Yubii Home Pro, for example, ensures that everything continues to run without interruption with the HubNetworkLink, which provides a direct Internet connection, and the HubPowerbank, which acts as a backup power source with data connection. This allows users to enjoy a continuous smart life, even in the absence of WiFi!

The smart home is a rapidly evolving field that offers significant benefits for improving the quality of everyday life. Although some myths persist and may influence the perception of this technology, it is important to dispel these misconceptions to understand smart home potential fully. 

Thanks to advanced solutions such as Nice's Yubii Home Pro, it is possible to create a personalized and efficient home ecosystem. From flexible device management, to compatibility with a wide range of brands and protocols, to business continuity even in the absence of an Internet connection, home automation is proving to be an invaluable ally in simplifying and enriching everyday life.


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