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We develop cutting-edge solutions for your success. A range of intuitive and innovative applications to give you all the control over your clients products.

Because we know your work is valuable, and we want to save you time, improve your responsiveness, and help you solve any situation with ease.
Our applications allow you to remotely connect to your customer's automation, eliminating the need to travel to the customer's site for service, saving travel costs and service time.
So you can work better, and your customers are happier!

Yubii Home App
Home control in your hands

Yubii home app is the new intuitive app for managing the Nice smart home and automation ecosystem. With an improved and simplified user experience, the new app allows professionals to quickly install devices and scenarios and easily upgrade and maintain Nice smart home and automation systems. All without the use of PCs but directly from smartphones, making their work easier and more convenient.

Just easy as it is

The intuitive interface guides the installer through a step-by-step configuration procedure, with photos of product for easy recognition, allowing a smooth device installation, to all technician, even in case of first experiences with the system.

More sections to expand your control.

Within the Yubii Home app you’ll find a range of new sections to give you all the control you need. A favorites section, with the ability to customize rooms, categories, scenes and devices. A climate zone panel, to control room temperature and change zone schedules directly from the app. A devices section, with the ability to group house objects into rooms or categories, and a camera panel for managing Nice cameras.

So Nice!

The modern and cleaner design includes a range of icons with dual-function layout: direct command to the application or to the opening of the app controls page.

Yubii Home App is available for download on the Android and iOS stores and replaces the previous Yubii Home Center.

MyNice Pro App
Every comfort you want

With MyNice Pro App installations get even simpler, and your life gets easier. In association with the Pro-View device, you can easily program a Gate&Door automation and its remote controls, even while sitting comfortably in your vehicle, and manage all remotely, directly from your smartphone.

Get all the comfort and convenience you've been looking for with MyNice Pro App, available on Apple and Android Stores.