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Emergency Pediatric Hospital

Credits: Marcello Bonfanti

Emergency Pediatric Hospital

Entebbe, Uganda

System for the automation of external blinds.

Nice has offered its know-how and solutions to the new Emergency Paediatric Surgery Centre of Excellence in Entebbe, Uganda, donating 85 tubular drives to automate the outdoor blinds of the building, designed by the architect Renzo Piano.

The construction of this hospital is part of the activities promoted by ANME, the Health Network of Excellence in Africa created by Emergency in 2010, which connects 11 countries in Africa with the aim of strengthening the health systems at local and regional level, offering excellent services free of charge as well as excellence in the training of professionals in the area.

The construction of the hospital, in Entebbe near Lake Victoria, on an area of 120,000 square metres provided by the Ugandan government, began in 2017 and was completed in 2020 due to delays caused by Covid-19. The hospital started operations in April 2021. The project, developed by Emergency's Technical Office, was signed by the distinctive hand of Renzo Piano and his RPBW studio, in collaboration with the TAM Associates studio of Venice.

The facility has 72 beds, three operating theatres and all the diagnostic and auxiliary facilities necessary for its operation: laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy, canteen and laundry. To accommodate patients from various countries, there is also a guest house with 42 beds for children and their families. There are also areas dedicated to the training of local health and administrative staff. In addition, with a view to sustainability and integration with the local area, the centre's roof is made up of about 2,600 photovoltaic panels that meet part of its energy needs.

Nice contributed with the donation of 85 Era Star tubular motors for the automation of the structure's external blinds, which in turn were offered by the Italian producer Resstende, a long-term Nice partner for internationally prestigious projects. "Technology and innovation must be accessible to everyone, which is why we enthusiastically accepted to participate in Emergency's project", said Francesco Villani, General Manager of Nice Italia. "We are particularly proud to have the new Paediatric Surgery Centre of Excellence in Entebbe among our references and to have made our contribution to such an important cause".


Photo Credits: Marcello Bonfanti 

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