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Milano Statale University - School of Veterinary Medicine

Credits: Andrea Pisapia

Milano Statale University - School of Veterinary Medicine

Lodi, Italy

Automation of internal roller blinds

The Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Milano Statale University, founded in 1791, is one of the oldest schools dedicated to the study of animals and their breeding. Originally located in the heart of Milan, it opened its new avant-garde headquarters in Lodi in 2019, in line with the school's mission to provide an intellectual and physical environment that allows the highest levels of teaching.

The new site offers a stimulating environment for study and research about Veterinary Medicine, Animal Production and Veterinary Biotechnology. The brand new facilities, designed by the Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma, host an educational hospital, where students progressively approach the clinical-assistance activities of the different animal species, and an experimental zootechnical centre to learn the different aspects of animal breeding.

Nice has been chosen for the automation of the internal roller blinds system, equipped with single and synchronized movement, in partnership with Medit Srl. The project, coordinated by technical Manager Roberto Giovannetti and Architect Alessandra Schiavon, included the installation of 150 Era Inn Smart MI332AC motors and 82 Era Mat MA517 motors, as well as another 300 motors of Nice ranges.

Era Inn is Nice intelligent and versatile system to better manage natural lighting and optimize the energy efficiency of buildings. Designed for maximum silence, Era Inn offers a complete range for the automation of indoor blinds and projection screens, to ensure well-being in every environment. The Soft Start and Stop functions make it possible to define different levels of acceleration and deceleration in the sections close to the limit switches, while respecting safety thanks to the obstacle detection function that can be activated for up and down manoeuvres. Perfect alignment is guaranteed in any load condition, both opening and closing, in installation contexts with several motors, even with awnings and rollers of different sizes.

The Era Mat range includes the characteristic features of Nice solutions, making them ideal for the management of sunscreens both indoor and outdoor. The integrated electronic board, which allows the parallel control of several motors, is flanked by the electronic limit switch technology, which allows the programming of multiple intermediate opening heights with millimetric precision, always guaranteeing the perfect alignment of the automations. Moreover, the integrated Nice TTBus 3-wire technology allows to manage the movement of the motor through a low voltage control and to connect the climate sensors via wire in a simple and intuitive way.


Pictures Credits: Andrea Pisapia 

Installed Products

  • Era Inn Smart MI332AC

    Era Inn Smart MI332AC

  • Era Mat

    Era Mat