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Palacio da Brejoeira

Monção, Portugal

System for the automation of swing gates.

The Palacio da Brejoeira, located in Monção, Portugal, is a neoclassical building designed by the architect Carlos Amarante in the early 19th century, consisting of an imposing L-shaped granite structure with three towers. The name comes from the Portuguese brejo, meaning marshy land, since there was originally a farm on the site. Outside, English-style gardens with ponds, leafy trees and camellias, statues of mythological figures complement the woodland with a large collection of exotic trees, a lake and a small island dedicated to lovers.

Agricultural production, in particular the vinification of white wines and brandy, has always been the main source of income for the estate, thanks to the abundance of water and the fertility of the land, which has become even stronger in the last century. The Palace has long been a meeting place for Portuguese social life, with great splendour and the participation of illustrious personalities; since 2010 it has become a museum of national interest, open to visitors.

Nice has been selected by SmartClick Portas Automaticas as the best partner for the automation of the gate of the site. The installation consists of a pair of Titan Hi-Speed motors for swing gates, equipped with a receiver and transmitters kit from the LoRa® range. With Nice Hi-Speed solutions, powerful and reliable, the gate opens and closes up to three times faster than gates automated with traditional motors, to simplify people life offering maximum comfort in complete safety. LoRa® (Long Range radio communication protocol) control systems for gates and garage doors are particularly suitable for long distances, as the commands can be sent at a distance approximately ten times greater than that of the previous radio protocols.

Josè Maruta, General Manager of Nice Portugal, comments on this project: "It was a great satisfaction for us to be chosen to provide our automations in such a prestigious context. Nice respects the inestimable value of culture and the need to preserve the historical heritage, providing the innovation that technological progress makes available to us".

Installed Products

  • Titan Hi-Speed

    Titan Hi-Speed