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Private House

Credits: Alexander Frangoul

Private House

Ravensburg, Germany

Automation of venetian blinds

The keyword of contemporary residential architecture is openness. Families would most like to bring nature right into their homes, and architects would - if they could - completely do without walls to create unison between a building and its surroundings. A house in Ravensburg comes very close to this ideal: Alexander Frangoul has designed a two-storey building for himself and his family, with a glass façade providing spectacular views overlooking nature – and a ground floor that can even be completely “folded” open, giving the living room the character of a covered terrace.

A pleasant living climate is given by intelligent automated venetian blinds, which prevent the area behind the façade from being heated excessively and offer residents privacy when needed. Automation ensures added comfort: the blinds move according to the weather, thanks to elero’s drives controlled by a central AeroTec unit. A sun/wind sensor continuously transmits its readings to the AeroTec and makes sure that the home is not overheated, or the equipment damaged during heavy storms in the absence of residents. The folding glass façade and intelligent sun protection create a perfect living experience - both indoors and outdoors.

Installed Products

  • JA


  • Aero


  • AeroTec