Nice Smart Home: comfort, wellbeing, and security for a modern and safe home

4 March 2024


In recent years, the relationship with our homes has undergone a revolution, adapting to new lifestyles and unstoppable technological innovation. While the modern home continues to be the ever-welcoming sanctuary, it has evolved into a fluid and customizable space, addressing the challenges of remote work and emerging housing trends such as co-housing, catering to the needs of so-called 'digital nomads'.

This transformation has played a pivotal role in redefining comfort, well-being, and home security. In the ongoing evolution of the home, security – encompassing both protection and prevention – has become a crucial element, significantly impacting the other two needs.

As pioneers in the field, Nice recognizes and responds to this change by developing solutions that go beyond mere intrusion protection. Today, security translates into an intelligent system that anticipates and manages every potential risk. This innovative approach integrates technology into homes, creating an environment that not only ensures a high level of comfort and control for residents but also fosters a tangible sense of well-being. Security, therefore, not only preserves peace of mind but becomes an essential element in enhancing the overall quality of life within the home.

In this context, Nice's technology introduces a new concept of connectivity, enabling the creation of configurable scenarios that can be managed remotely through phones and voice assistants. Through the Yubii Home gateways, the heart of the Nice smart home, you can ensure the security of your home from both visible and invisible risks, monitoring and managing events with a personalized touch through a dedicated app, the Yubii Home App.

Yubii Home Pro

How to enhance home security with Yubii Home? For instance, by creating a dedicated scenario to protect it from not perceptible risks, even when you're away or on vacation: in the event of high concentrations of carbon monoxide in the air, ventilation will be activated, the garage door opened, and a notification sent to your smartphone.
Nice provides a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem to address dangers such as short circuits and gas leaks through devices that send immediate alert signals to your phone. Yubii Home, paired with battery-powered sensors like Nice Motion-Control, Nice CO Alarm-Control, Nice Smoke-Control, and Nice Flood-Control, proves to be a vigilant guardian, detecting suspicious movements, the presence of carbon monoxide or smoke, preventing fires, and managing water leaks.

What happens in the event of a blackout, power interruptions due to storms or overloads, or absence of internet signal? Alerts to those not at home don't cease because Yubii Home can switch to a backup source: Nice HubPowerBank, a 3G/4G (LTE) mobile router with USB power supply capable of providing power and internet connection for up to 12 hours after a power outage, allowing the operation of all smart home devices installed in your home.

The intelligence of Nice devices is evident in their operation: sensors detect hazards and start communicating with the control unit to intervene quickly, such as blocking valves or, if necessary, alerting emergency services.

Installing smart devices like Yubii Home is easy and uncompromising: wireless, without the need for wall interventions, and equipped with batteries, they adapt to any type of home, offering security even in the absence of power, making them particularly suitable for families with children or pets. This approach, aiming for maximum simplicity and flexibility with special attention to privacy, enables every home to be a safe environment from every perspective.

In conclusion, Nice Smart Home becomes synonymous with comfort, well-being, and security, without compromises. This advanced living space not only reflects the transformation of the concept of home we are undergoing, where technology takes a leading role, but also opens up a universe of unimaginable opportunities to enrich the quality of life, making us feel protected and serene within our homes.
With Nice's Smart Home, the future of our home is now, offering much more than just a refuge: it is the center of an unparalleled life experience.


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