New Yubii Home App: your home in your hands!

19 February 2024

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The new Yubii Home App not only gives users a more modern and intuitive graphical experience, but also makes life easier for installers. Now, with a tap on their smartphone, they can install and configure all scenarios, replacing the previous Yubii Home Center.

In tandem with Yubii Home or Yubii Home Pro gateways, the new Yubii Home App opens a world of possibilities: from security to lighting, sound to video systems and beyond. It controls energy consumption and seamlessly integrates existing home automation systems without the need for masonry work.

Here are some incredible improvements of the Yubii Home App: easier installation process that can be started directly from the smartphone; more flexibility in creating scenarios directly within the app, without the need for a PC; more intuitive and user-friendly interface; new climate zone panel for precise control of temperatures in different rooms of the house; monitoring of energy consumption (Energy Management Panel) directly from the app.

schermate yubii home app

Stay connected to your home anywhere in the world with the Yubii Home App on your smartphone or via voice control. Data travels through an encrypted system to ensure maximum security.

Enjoy customization, scalability, remote assistance and personalized notifications. Whether you want to manage gates, doors, sunscreens or your entire home, with Yubii Home you have it all at your fingertips.

Download the new Yubii Home App on the Android and iOS stores now and transform your home into the heart of your living experience.

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