BiDi-WiFi: the new pocket programming interface

2 September 2021


Nice BiDi-WiFi module is a pocket programming interface that ensures simple and complete configuration of Nice Gate&Door automations through the MyNice Pro app, making installation procedures easy and efficient.

A pocket-sized tool, to always have with you to facilitate Nice automation configuration procedures: you can perform all automation programming phases even while sitting comfortably in your vehicle.

Plug-in, configure and go: the easy, pocket-sized plug-in interface is compatible with all Nice automations for gates and garage doors with Bus-T4 connector.

When the BiDi-WiFi interface is plugged in, it automatically generates a WiFi network allowing the automation to be configured via the MyNice Pro app. Even from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Procedures guided by a wizard with a description of the parameters displayed as in an instruction manual. The search function lets you easily find the parameter you want to program to complete the installation.

Dedicated cloud management: you can easily consult a list of installers, overview of interventions, geolocation via map and statistics, to guarantee your customers a fast and efficient service and rapid response times.

By recognizing the Gate&Door control unit, Nice technology allows real time firmware updates and lets you view manuals to easily access the information on the automation throughout the intervention.


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