Elevate your living experience with the new Nice Smart Home devices

5 February 2024


Welcome to a world where technology meets comfort seamlessly.

We are excited to introduce the latest additions to the Nice Smart Home family, a series of smart devices designed to transform and personalize your living spaces. From the new state-of-the-art gateway to smart modules, thermostats and IP cameras, these new solutions are designed to integrate with each other and improve comfort, safety and convenience for you and your loved ones.

The Nice ecosystem is flexible, integrable, and ideal for those who want to design the system step by step, based on available resources and the needs of the moment. The Nice smart home experience has one beating heart: a gateway that connects to and controls all the smart devices in your home.

Yubii Home Pro: A professional gateway for maximum security and high performance

Yubii Home Pro is the advanced, high-performance gateway for smart management of all smart devices in the home and beyond, even remotely.

Compared to the Yubii Home gateway-ideal for apartments and small houses as it supports up to 5 plugins and 10 quick apps and the creation of up to 20 scenarios-the Yubii Home Pro is ideal for any type of home, building, hotel, or office because it is a more versatile gateway that integrates seamlessly with more than 3,000 third-party devices. 
Yubii Home Pro then increases comfort and security levels with customizable multifunction programs to plan every detail of the home.

More than just a hub, Yubii Home Pro prioritizes your security, notifying you of any unexpected movement in your home. 

Compatible with a range of protocols such as Z-Wave Plus, Zigbee 3.0, one- and two-way Nice devices, and Elero PLN2 devices, Yubii Home Pro is professional hub that allows you to connect so many devices to each other. You can easily expand its capabilities with plug-ins and quick apps, all in an easy-to-use product. 
It is suitable for all types of homes as well as offices and buildings.

Yubii Home Pro

Elevate climate control with our new range of thermostats

Our latest range of thermostats is designed to provide precise control of your home's temperature. Whether it's air conditioning, water heating or fan coil units, our thermostats integrate seamlessly with Yubii Home gateways, providing total control of the home environment.

  • Clima-Control: Effortlessly manage split air conditioners through Z-Wave commands, offering an intuitive display for real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Warm-Control: Manage water heating valves with automatic temperature-based adjustments to ensure optimal comfort.
  • Fan-Control: A Z-Wave-enabled device for smart indoor temperature management. Choose between Fan2-Control and Fan4-Control to suit your specific needs.

The Nice Smart Home range is expanded with a series of IP cameras and video recorders for comprehensive video surveillance:

Complete your smart home experience with our indoor and outdoor IP cameras, network video recorders, and a range of accessories. From basic home monitoring to advanced facility surveillance, our products are made to meet a variety of needs. Choose from our range of 4 IP cameras and 2 video recorders with HDD ports, enabling seamless integration with up to 16 cameras.

IP cameras

Also added to the range of Nice devices are new Nice modules for precision control of lights, effects and timing of a device or fixture.

Discover more here:

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