Nice presents the new MyNice App: connected home in just a click

2 October 2023


The complete control of connected devices is at your fingertips, thanks to the new MyNice App: the easier solution for intuitive and smart management of Nice automation, via smartphone or voice control, wherever you are.

With the MyNice App, every automation can be managed with ease. Whether it's your gate, awnings, lights, or garage doors, you can personalize your home environment and create scenarios to suit your needs: following sunrise and sunset times to make the most of natural light. Thanks to remote connection, these operations are possible from anywhere.

Security remains a top priority. Using the MyNice App, you can control access to your home and receive real-time notifications related to the opening and closing of your gate or garage door, ensuring constant monitoring and peace of mind when you are away from home.

Maintenance of home automation is also easier and faster. MyNice App notifies the user of any faults or repair needs of the gates and allows the user to promptly request technical assistance, through the ProConnect function. The app also enables complete control over remote maintenance, allowing the user to decide when and how to authorize installers.

Technical requirements:

  • One-click firmware upgrade of Nice devices
  • Bidirectional communication between peripherals is available, with Nice Core gateway upgrade
  • Cloud-based remote management for automation with the Nice BiDi-WiFi module, compatible with Nice automatic gates and garage doors
  • Sharing the App with your family, giving them access to automation
  • Ability to request remote assistance with the MyNice ProConnect feature
  • Use of voice assistant to control automation
  • Control of the opening of garage doors or gates even when the user is away from home.

My Nice App is available on the Android and iOS stores.

For more information, the following videos are available:

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