Caravan life is easier and cooler with Nice smart solutions

26 September 2022


Nice solutions make life easier, safer and smart not only at home, but also when caravanning! Thanks to Nice technology and the Yubii Home hub, you can control blinds, awnings, lighting and temperature, and minimize risks in case of flooding, presence of toxic gases or fire, even in a caravan. This makes the vehicle safe, innovative and more sustainable, and the holiday more comfortable!

To ensure sunlight management and internal temperature control in an intelligent, sustainable and efficient way, Nice offers Next Fit M Solar, a tubular motor for vertical blinds and shutters that is powered by solar energy and that features an electronic limit switch and integrated radio receiver. This technology makes it possible to boost thermal resistance in winter, while it controls overheating in summer, thus reducing the demand for cooling. For internal blinds automation, Nice offers Nice Era Inn Edge S Li-ion as well, the versatile tubular motor for all types of internal blinds (roller, pleated and protective). This is a cordless solution, easy to install, as there is no need for mains connection or external batteries. Both solutions can be controlled by Nice Era P and Nice Era W remote controls or by the touchless Nice Air wall-mounted device.

When travelling on a caravan, safety and well-being are essential. It is a vehicle where people travel, live and sleep, so being aware of possible risks is a priority. Nice offers a wide range of smart devices that can help making caravans safer: Flood-Control, a sensor that will alert the user in case of flooding; Smoke-Control, a smoke and temperature sensor, which sends an acoustic signal when it detects smoke; Door/Window-Control to monitor the closing and opening status of doors and windows; CO-Control to detect carbon monoxide at an early stage, thus avoiding possible poisoning. But Nice offer for caravans would not be complete without the possibility to control movements, temperature and light intensity, to make touring vacations as comfortable as life at home. Thanks to RGBW-Control, you can get the desired lighting depending on the weather or the time of the day, while the Motion-Control sensor can detect motion, temperature and light intensity.

All these products can be integrated and controlled with the Yubii app, allowing users to stay in touch with their caravan, manage it and control it remotely from anywhere. With the new Nice Smart Home ecosystem and Nice solutions, every user can easily fulfill their wishes, even when on holiday.

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