Next Star and Next Fit: maximum efficiency and control of movement

25 May 2023


Nice presents the new Star Head series of tubular motors for blinds, zip screens and rolling shutters, size M Ø 45 mm, also available in Solar Kit version.

The motor head is compatible with starshaped supports, also suitable for maintenance interventions and replacing previous applications. The product is supplied with pre-mounted plug-in cables and supports, ready to use and fast to install. If needed, the cable can easily be unplugged and replaced without tools.

Energy and environment saving: The leading technology reduces energy consumption by 35% with respect to comparable motors. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) available. CO2 emissions compared to the previous Nice model*: -59% (*Verification of declaration and data according to internal EPD management procedure; process is verified by accredited third party).

Motion in control: The automations adapt to the needs of the people living in the house, following their habits. In the morning, when you need a burst of energy to wake up, the blinds are raised faster. When it’s time to relax, the blinds are lowered without anyone noticing. If you need a change of air, the blinds go into the ventilation position. If there’s too much sun, you can activate the shade scenario. All this, with perfect synchronisation and alignment guaranteed, even with a number of automations.

Low noise performance: The state-of-the-art braking technology makes the movement smooth and silent. Maximum acoustic comfort is guaranteed by the Soft Start-Stop function which automatically reduces the speed when approaching the limit switches and the possibility of adjusting the speed to a minimum of 6 rpm.

Connectivity: The built-in Nice bidirectional radio communication protocol makes it compatible with all Nice gateways. When connected to the Yubii Home gateway, it can be integrated with over 3,000 third party Z-Wave devices and managed via voice assistants.

Quick installation: The motor is ready to use and fast to install, thanks to the pre-mounted, unpluggable cable. Continuous operating time of up to 10 minutes before activation of the thermal protection: facilitates installation operations. Manual, semi-automatic or automatic limit switch adjustment.


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