Nice BiDirectional system with LoRa® technology, for more comfort and greater efficiency

20 June 2020


Nice offers an innovative line of BiDirectional devices with LoRa® long-range radio technology: Era One LR BiDirectional transmitter and OXI LR BiDirectional plug-in receiver. Particularly suitable for long distance control up to 1 km, or places with a high level of radio disturbance, to offer more comfort and greater efficiency.

Era One LR BiDirectional transmitter is the only control for gate and door applications on the market, which adopts the LoRa® radio protocol. With the Era One LR transmitter and OXI LR receiver you can now receive feedback on reception of the command and the status of gate and garage door automations: vibration and visual feedback confirm that the command has been correctly delivered. By pressing the "info" button, the position of the automation (Open, Closed or in partial opening position) is also accessible in any moment. Thanks to LoRa® radio protocol, the command transmission is granted also in environments in which there are a lot of radio disturbs, or obstacles that may affect the signal range.

Era One BiDirectional with LoRa® technology also integrates an NFC tag. By simply getting the smartphone close to the transmitter, a web page opens with additional information on the transmitter itself. With a simple gesture you can check the battery level and get to know the functionalities of the BiDirectional system.


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