Nice is now open to the Z-Wave™ smart home world!

15 July 2020


With the aim of making our products increasingly innovative and integrable, we are pleased to share with you the introduction of the BiDi-ZWave interface in our product portfolio. For the first time, Nice opens up to the Z-Wave world and confirms its vision of a world without barriers.  

The Z-Wave™ protocol is an interoperable, wireless, RF-based communication technology designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and commercial environments. Widely tested and deployed worldwide, Z-Wave™ is one of the leaders in wireless control, bringing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use "smart" products to many millions of people in every aspect of their daily lives.

The new BiDi-ZWave interface allows the management of Nice Gate & Doot automations through third party gateways with Z-Wave™ communication protocol. BiDi-ZWave, thanks to its small and compact dimensions, can be inserted in the control unit of any Nice automation for gates and garage doors. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to install and does not require any programming. In a few seconds Nice automations will be fully integrated with your smart home!


The BiDi-ZWave interface allows you to integrate Nice Gate & Door automations with any third-party devices that follow the Z-Wave™ technology standard, such as the Nice group's FIBARO branded smart home products. For example, the new Home Center 3 gateway, a modern and reliable device, allows you to easily control your entire home with a single button, gesture or word. Taking advantage of the IoT features, it suggests the possibilities of using Nice automations based on the user's preferences: it will make your smartphone ask you if you want to open the gate when you open the front door; it will let you control your home automations with voice assistants wherever you are; it will warn you if the sensors connected to the gateway have detected a situation for which automation activation is recommended. Enriching your smart home with the Z-Wave™ products of the Nice group allows you to evolve it in a modular sequence over time: at any time, you can add a new element to existing applications, according to your renewed needs.


  1. Nice automations become smart: the control and management of Nice automations are immediate and easy, thanks to a single app installed on the smartphone and always updated to the latest version available.
  2. Nice automations can be managed via a voice command, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, wherever you are.
  3. You can create and use scenarios with Nice automations, taking advantage of Z-Wave™ connectivity. Depending on your preferences or habits, the smart home will suggest the best actions to perform.
  4. If your smart home is controlled by a FIBARO gateway, support in the diagnostics and maintenance of Nice automations is immediate: the user receives a notification in the app that guides him in solving the problem, or in case of need suggests calling the installer.

Nice, even more connected!

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