Nice Smart Home: your imagination becomes reality with a click

3 May 2022


Nice Smart Home is an integrated, connected and open system to make the home safe, efficient and comfortable.

Open to the future, the space becomes smart. Spaces are changing, becoming fluid and multifunctional: today we can transform the way we inhabit them through systems and projects designed to meet everyone’s needs. Imagine connected systems, controlled by a single device and allowing you to manage all the activities of a building’s automations through a simple and intuitive application, programming scenarios and fully customised behaviours: it’s the future, it’s Nice.

A new way of inhabiting spaces. Safe, efficient and comfortable: with the smart home system, the Nice experience becomes a personalised way of conceiving the home, able to adapt to the occupants’ needs.

Wireless, as simple as it gets. Nice technology is wireless, modern and safe. It allows completely non-invasive addition of new devices, without the need for renovation or building work. There are numerous ready-to-use products and the ecosystem can be configured easily via the Yubii App.

Modular and complementary. The Nice system is flexible and integrable; the ideal solution for anyone wanting to design the system step by step, according to available resources and the needs of the moment. Our products form an ecosystem in which all devices communicate with each other and which can also integrate other-brand devices.

Always safe and under control. With the Yubii App, the customer can stay in touch with their home, manage it and control it from anywhere in the world. Data is transmitted via an encrypted communication system guaranteeing the highest possible level of protection.

We imagined the freedom to explore the world and turned it into a house-system. Connected, integrated and customisable. Safe and easy to use. The smart home system is the Nice project that puts the way you want to live at the centre of the automation.


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