Pro-View and MyNice Pro app: a unique programming tool for Nice installers

9 November 2020


Nice presents Pro-View, the new multi-function interface that simplifies the installer’s work, and the dedicated app MyNice Pro, which allows programming, control, and maintenance of automation systems even from remote.

Pro-View is a unique programming tool of the latest generation, designed for the installer. Thanks to its multiple functions, Pro-View allows the professional to operate in complete comfort, facilitating the management of installation, configuration and maintenance operations of Nice automations in the Gate & Door line for gates, barriers and garage doors.

Installation is even simpler and more comfortable: with Pro-View and the MyNice Pro App, the installation configuration procedures are simple and effective and can be carried out in all phases of automation programming in comfort via your smartphone.

The MyNice Pro app makes the installer's work easier: with the new app the installer has a series of tools available that make operations immediate. A simple wizard helps programming the automations, a short description for each parameter simplifies the configuration procedure and the search function makes to easy find the parameter needed to program to complete the installation.

Better maintenance interventions: the Nice technology recognizes the Gate&Door automation control unit you are working on, allowing you to check and update the firmware, read the relevant manual and access all the parameters with the search function.

No need to move to reach customers: if the customer calls to replace the remote control or to add one, it is possible to access the customer's installation database, remove the previous remote control and associate the new one. All from the comfort of the office.

With Nice Cloud everything you need is always under control: in the dedicated Nice Cloud space, the entire company can be managed and monitored from a single dashboard. List of installers, geolocation of customers in the geographical map, overview of interventions and statistics can be easily consulted by accessing your space, increasing efficiency and reducing response times.

More service and closer to the professional, thanks to Nice Pro-View and MyNice Pro App!


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