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July 2017

A longer warranty for Nice products


A longer warranty for Nice products

Nice products stand out for their advanced electronics, refined design and attention to details, but not only. Quality, safety and reliability are fundamental values for Nice: every day in the 1,000 sq. m. laboratories within our R&D Technology Centre, rigorous and accurate tests are carried out, using technologically advanced procedures and the latest instruments, so as to guarantee the highest technological and quality standards.

Nice systems, designed in Italy by a highly qualified and specialized team, are controlled and tested to give a long-term warranty, which has been extended to:

  • 5 years for tubular motors and related accessories for blinds and shutters automation
  • 3 years for automation systems for gates, garage doors and alarm systems
  • 3 years for control systems

from the production date* indicated on each product’s dedicated label.

But there’s more. To consolidate its top quality production of automation systems for interior and exterior blinds, Venetian blinds and sunscreens in general, Nice has begun building a new production plant in Germany, in the pioneering industrial district of Stuttgart. The aim is to integrate Made-in-Italy creativity with Made-in Germany quality philosophy, to offer the market more and more complete and efficient systems, for the maximum comfort in homes and buildings.

With Nice, quality and reliability are guaranteed.


*Valid for all products with production date starting from 1st January 2017.