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December 2022

Nice introduces the new HubPowerbank: connectivity anytime, anywhere


Nice introduces the new HubPowerbank: connectivity anytime, anywhere

Connected anytime, anywhere thanks to the new Nice HubPowerbank, a 3G/4G (LTE), USB-powered mobile router that allows Yubii Home or Home Center 3 Lite gateways to be integrated with a backup power source, providing an uninterrupted flow of power and Internet connectivity, even during thunderstorms.

In normal situations, the Smart Home hub uses the main power source and the home Wi-Fi router, but in the event of a power outage or blackout, it switches to a back-up source: the Nice HubPowerbank can provide power and Internet connectivity for up to 12 hours after the power outage, allowing all smart home devices installed in your home to function.

In the event of an outage or temporary absence of Internet connectivity, HubPowerbank ensures connection to the cloud, providing all gateway functionality such as sending notifications in case of flooding, fire or break-in attempts. In addition, if a SIM card is inserted, it allows the user to have an additional WiFi Internet connection.

Small but with a lot of potential, Nice HubPowerbank is a must-have device in all those situations where you need an Internet connection that supports a Smart Security system such as in an RV or boat.

In the event that the RV or boat is unattended and security sensors are used, HubPowerbank allows Yubii Home to report any break-in attempts. In addition, you can have up to ten WiFi devices connected, LTE transfer, and remote access to the Yubii gateway, even in the event of power outages or no connection.


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