Soon: the compact guideless solution for garage doors

19 October 2017


Soon is Nice solution for automating sectional garage doors conceived for professionals’ comfort and users’ convenience

A complete and safe system standing out for its discreet design and versatility, Soon adapts to both residential and commercial contexts. Thanks to its slim shape, built-in control unit and absence of guides and ratchets, the system can be installed in even very limited spaces or contexts where the configuration of the room prevents classical ceiling installation.

Soon is designed for the comfort of professionals in every phase of their work convenient installation directly on the motor shaft of the door, quick programming thanks to the Nice O-View programmer, simple maintenance without having to dismount the motor and easy certification as it can pass impact tests without further accessories.

Conceived to offer the user handiness and maximum safety, the obstacle detection function ensures that the Soon system reverses motor movement immediately if the garage door strikes an object or person, while the cable release enables the system to be released and blocked with a simple gesture, guaranteeing peace of mind knowing that the door can be opened even during a blackout. In addition, the lateral position of the motor, 24V electronics and Soft Start/Soft Stop function guarantee safe fluid movement without oscillations, safeguarding the door and maintaining long-term quality.

And to manage the system, Nice offers a vast range of smart solutions: practical, functional, colourful transmitters, but also MyNice apps for remote control by smartphone and smartwatch.  Nice is among the pioneering companies in the Home and Building Automation sector to obtain Apple HomeKit certification, thanks to the new Wi-Fi interface, enabling  garage doors automations to be managed directly from Apple’s Home app. For Android and iOS users, Nice also offers the MyNice Welcome app to control gates and garage doors, with the possibility of setting programmed actions and creating rules containing specific actions to be run when particular events occur (e.g. “If the gate is open, send me an email”), thanks to compatibility with the IFTTT service.

With Nice, you're spoilt for choice!

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